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JG - Preview
Newsletter 05.04.2017
Joan Gaspar
Jaima for Marset

The Jaima light is the result of following the intended line by the author to provide the exterior lights, or suitable to be placed in outdoor spaces, a close look and treatment of light as if it was interior lighting. To achieve these feelings, there is little material with appropriate degrees of resistance and neither at the same time, the look of warmth and quality perception alleged. Fabric has become the perfect material, in this case, for a lamp like Jaima.
Djembé for Marset

Djembe is an exercise of composition. Matrix from start, conceived and designed to accept repetition, orderly or chaotic, it is when the product feels more comfortable. Different heights and diameters, combined together, help to conquer spaces generating movement that seeks to provoke emotion and avoid explicitly indifference, added to a perfect lighting, comfortable and non-invasive.
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