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Newsletter 28.05.2014
Joan Gaspar
Joan Gaspar winner of the Dprize 2013

Milan Triennale, the Jury President Luca Scacchetti awarded the winners of the 2013 d.prize, IV edition of the Synergy Expo dedicated to design and architecture. The d.prize 2013, dedicated to hospitality sector, brought two categories: interior and product design. For the Product Design category, the award went to the spanish designer Joan Gaspar, in collaboration with the company Bandalux has introduced the innovative front roller shutters Zyzy Box, which turns the display into an immersive real dynamics.

Zyzy Box is a system that enables a differentiated management of the facade of a building, in terms of aesthetics, visual communication, user’s comfort and energy savings. The system consists of two layers of motorized roller blinds made by Polyscreen, overlapped between themselves at a distance of 20 cm, to be installed directly in front. The versatility of the product allows to work on diverse fabrics, colors, density, degree of openness, and offers the possibility to play any kind of design or pattern.

It is possible, for example, to simulate the construction materials, such as concrete, giving back an idea of less opacity and heaviness, thanks to an aesthetic much lighter and surprising. The variety of finishes, the possibility to illuminate the back, so you can work with the effects of higher or lower density, and dynamic control on different levels, providing to architect a versatile tool to give a special identity to buildings, adaptable to different times of day, the needs on the interior, the visual impact sought in that specific moment or the other endless possibilities limited only to the imagination of the designer.
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